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Another trip to Union Station meant more fantastic photographic opportunities and some intriguing people-watching, it also proved to be an important learning experience. Normally when I'm out shooting, I'm somewhere immersed in nature, completely surrounded by trees, water, rocks or animals, read lots of random, asymetrical shapes. Venturing out into the concrete jungle, I found myself faced with a dilemna unique to shooting in a man-made environment; lines. I always try to pay attention to framing and compostion in camera so that I don't have to spend a lot of time adjusting them in post-processing, but when shooting the massive arches and columns of this grand train station, I realized just how much of an effect perspective and lens distortion can have. Straight out of the camera, this shot suffered from really signficant angle of view distortion. The columns on the left and the light posts on the right were skewed. What happened to my straight lines?! After a little time spent researching how to correct this and more time playing with the free transform tool in Photoshop, this is the end result.

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