Give it Time

Across the Potomac for web.jpg

Sometimes, after a pleasant outting spent shooting and enjoying the beauty of my surroundings, I come home only to find myself disappointed with the images I've shot. for some reason or another. This photo was taken last month during an afternoon trip to Roosevelt Island in D.C. We hadn't planned it deliberately, but we were there for what is commonly referred to as "the magic hour" or ""the golden hour". The available light just before sunset, (or just before sunrise) is softer, more diffused than at any other point in the day. The sky and everything illuminated has a nice warm glow to it. I snapped away trying to best take advantage of this soft, yet brilliant, light, but when I reviewed the images afterwards I couldn't seem to find any that best captured the "mood". So I left them alone, in their folder untouched and unappreciated, until today. While it may be more effecient to immediately delete photos deemed "not right" or "off", there is something to be said for just hanging on to them, so that they can be reviewed at a later time, when they can be seen from a different mindset and when, finally, hopefully, their true beauty is revealed.

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