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In spite of having two great DSLRs and the ability to use them effectively, I still find myself taking photos with my iPhone. *cringes*. It snowed pretty heavily yesterday and from the moment I noticed the first fluffy snowflake fall from the sky I knew I would soon be out in the elements and one with nature. For this outting, I decided to simplify, and went into "the field" with only one lens. Trying to change lenses with snow falling all around me would not only distract me from shooting, but it could prove disatrous for my camera sensor. My camera is weathersealed but only to an extent! In addition to limiting myself to one lens, I took it a step further and opted to shoot mainly from the same focal length. My aim was to shake up my perspective a bit and work on framing landscapes. I trudged around the woods for a few hours trying out different settings and angles and gained some new insight into Landscape Photography. When I emerged from the woods, this was the sight that greeted me. But instead of raising my DSLR, i pulled out my iPhone and snapped the shot. Logically one would think that I would have used my "big girl" for this, but I didn't What's that quote that says something about the best camera being the one you have with you? So what happens when you have more than one to choose from? In this case I think it would be appropriate to say that sometimes the best camera is, ultimately, the one you used to capture a singular moment in time. So while the file size of this little iPhone pic pales in comparison to that of a RAW from my "real" camera, its true, inherent value outshines the shot that wasn't caputered with my DLSR.

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