Making the Cut

Footsteps to the Light for the web.jpg
To post or not to post. I constantly have to remind myself that even though a photograph may not be technically ideal, it still can hold immense value. Something about this image in particular "bothers" me, but I can't seem to place exactly what it is. Maybe it's because it falls short of conveying the mood I was in at the moment. I hate winter. The darkness, the cold, the bleakness of it all. But on the day I shot this picture, I was completely immersed in the season and I was loving it. Snow had fallen in the early hours of the morning and shut most of the area down, so while most people were bundled up inside, I grabbed my gear, hopped in the truck and was off to shoot! Great Falls National Park is a beautiful place, but it's even more beautiful when no one's around to distrupt the peace and quiet of it! I generally don't tolerate the cold very well, but I stood for several hours in the freezing weather, toes and fingers numb, snapping shot after shot, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! So, while I still can't place what exactly isn't "right" with this photo, I can completely understand why I find value in it, and posting it as well. To remind myself that the "purpose" of an image isn't always in being visually "perfect" (and honestly for me it rarely ever is), but sometimes it's simply to acknowledge and remind myself of the little triumphs I've made. This day was a good one!

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